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I am a professional, Certified & verified freelancer by Freelancing Platform and working with Skills of Digital Marketing, Social Media Management, Google Adword, Facebook Advert , E-Commerce Management, Amazon Business Development,  eBay Business Development, Shopify and WooCommerce  Stores Designing, and Catalogue Listing and  WordPress Website development. I have very talented and committed team with All these above-mentioned categories skills.

Work Experience

Social Media Manager

From June 2020 -Present

As a social media manager, I am responsible for setting the content strategy and driving engagement on a company’s social platforms. To be successful in that role, I am As a social media managers often need to possess a knack for storytelling, a keen eye for design, and an ability to analyze what does well with an audience—and what doesn’t. 


From June 2017 -Present

Investors are currently hiring an Ecommerce Manager who will be responsible for managing the platforms and global marketplaces and ensuring the achievement of annual targets in terms of revenue and operating expenses. Amnd I am from one of those.

Digital Marketing

From JUNE 2016-Present

We are a Team of  Marketing that is a dynamic, versatile, and full-service digital marketers Group that doesn’t rely on smoke and mirrors to attract new clients. Instead, I trust its own search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing skills to drive new customers to your website.


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The Because those who do not know how to pursue pleasure consequences that are extremely painful.

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In Our Mission, we have decided to provide the best services to all of our existing and new clients in the above-mentioned categories, and we want them to be our clients forever.

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